Introduction: GUS is a People's Development Society registered with the Department Social Services, NGO Affairs Credit and Development Forum (CDF) of Bangladesh embodying the mission of poverty alleviation and socio economic development by empowering the disadvantaged cohorts of Bangladesh. The aim of People's Development Society is to provide professional, technical and specialist services to their clients both at local and international markets by maintaining international quality and standard practices. People's Development Society has built up its management and professional capability compatible to the requirements of International Consulting Standard. People's Development Society has been rendering excellence in the areas of resettlement, training, research, appraisal, social safeguard survey, impact assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA), in-depth monitoring, Preparation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan, implementation of resettlement plan, institutional capacity building, community mobilization and social awareness. During the course of its work experiences, People's Development Society has successfully implemented approximately 300 projects on different issues all over the Bangladesh and has enriched its technical, project management, partnership management and relevant capacities in the areas of research, resettlement, evaluation, awareness raising and community mobilization and other development sectors of its service areas. People's Development Society ’s services and-alone based on the following core values:

Client focus: The Company includes an extensive network of multi-dimensional professionals, who are established and active in different disciplines of development services. This ensures diversity of expertise and standard technical services to serving its different types of clients/partners. However, the emphasis is always given on strengthening of its own knowledge centers and expertise in the diversified field of development service areas.

Result-orientation: People's Development Society’s strategy is expedited towards generating results required to ensure continuity and growth of the company.

Top expertise: A sound professional and technical background enables us to conceive the best possible solutions to serving clients’ needs. People's Development Society has a highly qualified technical and professional staff and a strong pool of expert consultants in a diversified fields of development services.

Respect: People's Development Society reallows room for personal wishes. Tasks are provided on the basis of individual skills and talent of the staff, who are committed to their responsibility in structuring, managing and implementing their assignments. We have respect to others’ perspectives, opinions and cultures, and we are conscious and committed to our roles in the society, as a whole.

Integrity: We advise clients from an independent perspective and honor the principles of integrity.

Compliance: People's Development Society provides its services in accordance with the ethical rules as laid down in the FIDIC guidelines for business integrity management in the consulting services.