Welcome to the website of GUS, Mission in 1992 with the aim to improve the life quality of the people living at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid and establish a society free from poverty and economic disparity.

Initially, GUS programs focused on awareness-raising and group formation for the poor aiming at integrated development through asserting the rights of the poor, education, mini-irrigation, primary healthcare, Agriculture Program for income generation, etc. Later based on a decade of grassroots experience, it was realized that Agriculture Development was the most effective tool in fighting poverty in Bangladesh. The realization was transformed into a reality in 1992.

I hope this website will be helpful for you to know about GUS. I convey thanks and good wishes to all those who are interested in Education Development and agriculture Development and would like to use its power in the missions to alleviate poverty in the world.

Mr. Beryl Mrong